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Carpet Cleaning


Carpet CleaningSmile Carpet Cleaning Company - best weapon against dirty carpets. For more than a decade, we have been fighting against dirt, dust, dender, germs and other pollutants, trapped inside the fibres of your carpets. Scientists state that over 42 million tons of dust fall around the USA annually. It's proven that indoor air is twice as dirt as outdoor, and, what is more, nearly 2,000 dust mites can reside in one ounce of carpet dust. Thus, it proves the importance of having a professional carpet cleaning performed regularly. Our method of hot water extraction is guaranteed to get the job done, and is the #1 method recommended by carpet manufacturers. Our cleaning process not only ensures that your carpet is completely clean, but also restores the carpet's original look. Put the beauty back into your carpet like the first day it was installed, call us today for details.


Why professional carpet cleaning is important


Over a period of time, a carpet accumulates dirt, and, when combined with friction from trampling shoes, fibers within the carpet become worn, and can reduce the life cycle of the carpet. Dirt also carries a series of unwanted living organisms like harmful bacteria and dust mites, which can bring adverse effects on you and your family’s health. A regular cleaning is important to increase the lifespan of your carpet and keep your environment healthy. Moreover, using only modern and state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment, we guarantee you a long lasting effect and higher resistance to contamination of your carpets. We know how to make your carpet spotless and gorgeous for months due to our revolutionary method of cleaning. 


Why us


Professional Carpet CleaningOur technicians are applying methods and techniques in accordance with the high standards. Using state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment, our deep cleaning system removes harmful microorganism and even the most stubborn stains. Backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee, our complete cleaning solution will make your feet worship every inch of your carpet.



Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

Remove dust, grime, dirt, stubborn stains, and restore the carpet's condition with our professional carpet cleaning designed by cleaning specialists and recommended by carpet manufacturers. Call today to speak to one of our specialists for details or to schedule an appointment.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Great, reliable, cleaning service designed for any size commercial building. Get the carpets in your buildings cleaned using modern carpet cleaning equipment within 3 hours. Scheduling is quick and painless, and all jobs are conveniently done during the times that are best for you and your business. Call today to speak with one of our commercial carpet specialists.


Rug Cleaning

Get professional rug cleaning fast for any type of area rug. Over time your rug can start to lose its beauty and have a warn look. Rugs also quickly collect and capture dirt, grime, and soil. Micro organisms also become a problem for rugs. We can help to restore the beauty your rug had "in the childhood". Call today to learn more about our rug cleaning service.


Upholstery Cleaning

If you want your furniture to look amazing again, or simply want a clean fresh feeling for your living area, take advantage of our upholstery cleaning service. Like your carpet, your furniture can collect dirt over time, and loses its aesthetic look. With our service, we can breathe new life into your furniture. Call for details.


Leather Cleaning

You work hard to pay for leather furniture, and there's no better way to protect your investment than to rejuvenate its look and condition with our leather cleaning service. Our professional carpet cleaning service will reverse any mild aging and cracking your furniture has started to produce. Learn more about our leather cleaning, call today.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

A mattress cleaning is an important task that is so often overlooked. Because your mattress comes into direct contact with your skin, it's of high importance for hygienic purposes to make sure that it's clean. Bed bugs and mites have been a goring problem, but we have a great, eco-friendly solution that can help. Learn more about our service, call to speak with one of our specialists.