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Carpet Cleaning Services Old Memphis, Alabama

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

We are proud to offer you an outstanding carpet cleaning services Old Memphis. For years, we have been working hard to develop a process that not only makes your carpet look clean and gorgeous, but also does not damage its integrity. We strive to organize cleaning in the way that would be convenient for you and could match your busy schedule. We use only up-to-date equipment and revolutionary methods to bring best possible services and maximize the result.We always offer Free Quotes. Don't hesitate, call today our specialists for more information.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Get commercial carpet cleaning services Old Memphis for any size building. Our certified technicians guarantee a job done in the shortest time possible with the maximum attention to details. Using a hot water extraction process, our commercial carpet cleaning services Old Memphis will remove even the deepest stains without damaging your carpet. Our quality is proven by years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Call for a Free Estimate today or to get more information on our awesome commercial carpet cleaning services Old Memphis


Rug Cleaning

We offer rug cleaning services Old Memphis as a part of cleaning service for every rug type including designer, Persian, and oriental. Make your rugs look as great as the day you bought it by taking advantage of our great rug cleaning services Old Memphis. Over a course of time, carpets collect a lot of contaminants, as well as start to look worn and dirty. With the amount of money you spend on buying an area rug, shouldn’t you get the most out of it? Of course, you should. And we will be happy to help you with that. We will clean each and every millimeter of your rug fibres eliminating any possible pollutants.Call today to learn more.


Upholstery Cleaning

Is it time to brighten your furniture? Our upholstery cleaning services Old Memphis will do the trick. We offer a service designed to clean all of the buildup of dirt, soil, debris, and remove stain and odors that your couch, loveseat, or other furniture type has been collecting for all this time. Your furniture will look amazing after a professional upholstery cleaning services Old Memphis. Not only do we provide an amazing cleaning of your furniture surface, but we also make it even better, than it was in a shop the you bought it. We will return zeal and fashion to your upholstery. Learn more about our carpet cleaning service or call for a free quote.


Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning at Smile is available for every type of leather upholstery. Leather furniture has a look and feel that set it apart from other types of upholstery cleaning services Old Memphis and make it extremely desired by homeowners. Thus, preserve an attractive look of your "investment" for many years by getting a professional leather cleaning. Our technicians will prevent cracking, restore its beauty and save it from further degradation. Among company's carpet cleaning services Old Memphis, leather and rug cleaning services Old Memphis are the ones that contributed greatly to the establishment of our image. Learn more, give us a call today.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Because the quality of our sleep is connected directly with the quality of our mattress, many of us invest a lot of time and energy not only to choose the right one, but also to keep it in a good condition. However, there's an unspoken problem that many of us overlook. Bed bugs and dust mites collect dirt and start to reside in our mattresses, over time causing health related issues. We offer a solution to get your mattress rid of them and return comfort to your sleep. With our outstanding service, you will sleep as a child, and, definitely, won't want to get out of bed the next morning. Start sleeping with pleasure and Smile.